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At Brampton Bathroom Renovations, we provide full-service bathroom renovations, bathroom repair, and maintenance with a team of professionals. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Through our wide range of services, we can work on everything from leaky faucets to broken bathtubs or showers. All of our technicians have extensive training in the field and have years of experience working with many different types of bathrooms. With a variety of specialties including plumbing, electrical work, bathroom repairs, and more, we’re ready to help you fix any problem that may arise in your bathroom.

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The transformation of a room can be a great way to add value to your home. Making improvements like installing new countertops and flooring can also be an excellent way to increase the resale value of the home. Enjoy living in a roomier space with more storage space and better use of natural light. Give us a call for a FREE Quotation

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Your Best Option For Renovating Your Home

For many homeowners, a project like renovating or repairing their bathroom, kitchen or basement can be daunting. Not sure where to start? We’re here to help! We offer top of the line services for any size project and has been in business for many years. What’s more, we offer FREE estimates on all our renovations and repairs services!

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Repairs or renovating your bathroom, kitchen or basement is never fun and we know how much you want to get done as soon as possible. That’s why our team will work hard to get your home done the way you want it quickly and with less mess


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Brampton Bathroom Renovations

Brampton Bathroom Renovations will give your home a refreshed look. This includes renovating your bathroom right down to its floors, ceilings, and walls. The process is not as complicated as you might think. Our contractors can finish everything in one day or less.

Your bathroom is one of the important rooms in your house. In the past, you can only do renovation with tiles and paint. But now we can make your bathroom look new without doing such a hard job. Now, there are many more options such as shower doors, sliding doors, and glass walls that can be used for bathroom renovation. Brampton Bathroom Renovations will make your life easier and you don’t need to worry about all the DIY jobs. You’ll be amazed at how many new fixtures you’ll see in the mirror when you’re done!

How Much Does it Cost to Redo a Bathroom?

It is difficult to tell the exact cost of your bathroom renovation because it depends on factors such as the size and age of your home, what type of renovations you want done, and how many hours you want to spend on them. for some people, this may entail a budget of around $10,000 – $15,000. this amount can vary depending on whether you are just looking for small updates or wanting to do more extensive.

Upgrading a Small Bathroom

Should you be thinking about updating your old bathroom without having to completely remodel it, there are a few things you can do to update the look and feel of it. One way that is often suggested is by changing the lighting fixtures. This would involve going out and replacing all of them with new ones with a different design or color scheme that better fits what you are trying to accomplish. Another option is to replace some of the tiles on the walls with new designs which will not be too costly and will make an impact on just how dated your bathroom looks. Bathroom renovations can be tricky business. If you’re unsure what to do, then hire a professional. They’ll know how to create the most functional bathroom while still maintaining your style. There are many ways to update a small bathroom, it all depends on your personal taste and budget. Some ideas for updating a small bathroom are adding an accent wall, swapping out the sink and toilet for ones in your desired colour, or adding some hooks or shelving for storage space

Can You Switch a Toilet and Shower?

Can you switch toilet and shower? This is a question that many homeowners ask. The answer is yes, but it requires a lot of plumbing knowledge. It’s not something that should be done by just anyone, as it can cause major water damage to the home if not done correctly. Toilet and shower water systems are completely separate. You need to make sure that the pipes leading to both the toilet and shower are shut off before installing either one in order for this to work properly; otherwise you will have a mix of both on your hands!

What is the Average Cost to Renovate a Bathroom?

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is the flooring. It can cost up to $30 per square foot for ceramic tile in a walk-in shower, and it may cost up to $3.00 per square foot for granite or marble stone with an acrylic sealant. Tiling a bathroom floor usually costs between $25/square foot and $45/square foot, depending on the material you choose and your contractor’s skill level.

How Much Does it Cost to Retile a Shower?

This answer is based on the average costs of re-tiling a bathroom. The cost of retiling a bathroom can range from $250 to $1000, with an average cost of around $550. Retiling a 10-foot by 8-foot bathroom will cost approximately $1,200.

Tiling a bathroom is an excellent way to create a spa-like space in any small or large bathroom. Tiles can be used on the floor and walls, in the shower, and on the back of any toilet. There are many different styles of tiles that can be used to create a personalized look in your bathroom.

Is Mississauga a Good Place to Live?

Mississauga is a good place to live because it has great facilities and parks. It also has access to the 401 meaning that you can reach Toronto in under an hour. Mississauga also sits on Lake Ontario so there are plenty of places to go boating or fishing and kayaking in the summer months. On top of that, Mississauga offers a variety of international cuisine for all tastes as well as shopping at Square One mall which features stores like Apple and Coach.

What is Mississauga famous for?

The city of Mississauga is located less than 30 kilometers west of Toronto, Ontario and is Canada’s sixth-largest municipality. Mississauga was incorporated in 1974 as a city. The population in the City of Mississauga according to the 2016 census was 721,599. The City of Mississauga has a diverse landscape with over 600 parks, 400 lakes and 26 major rivers that flow through it. Neighbourhoods include Oakville, Port Credit and Streetsville and are all close to the downtown core where most offices are located. Mississauga is known for its high quality education system which includes public schools managed by either the Peel District School Board or Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board; many private schools; several universities such as University of Toronto – Mississauga, Sheridan College, Algoma University College grad school program in Education program and Centennial College; as well as hospitals such as Trillium Health Centre that provide various healthcare services in addition to research facilities at McMaster University including specialized cancer care centres at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre]]. Mississauga is also home to many sports teams including: Raptors 905 basketball team (an affiliate team for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors) who play at Hershey Centre; Canadian Premier

Mississauga Cost of Living

The average cost of living in Mississauga is higher than the national average, but lower than Toronto. The median income for the city is $71,465.00, but it is higher for people with advanced degrees. Education and health care costs are both on the rise and this affects people in all income brackets. There are many factors that contribute to the high cost of living in Mississauga including rent prices, food and utilities. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t a good quality life to be had if you have a lower income salary – there are many affordable neighbourhoods where you can buy or rent a home at an affordable price point; like Malton or Meadowvale Village which has a variety of housing options available at different price points.

Is Mississauga Safe?

Is Mississauga family friendly? Originally part of the Regional Municipality of Peel, Mississauga became a separate city in 1974. Its population is now 721,443 and it has an area of 129.63 square kilometres. It is Canada’s sixth largest city outside the province of Ontario. The average temperature for Mississauga is 13°C to 21°C in the summertime and -4°C to 18°C in the winter. Compared to some other places in Canada, it can get really hot during summers and really cold during winters with most days being sunny all year round. Mississauga offers quality schooling from kindergarten up until Grade 12 at both public and private schools that offer diversity across cultures as well as languages such as French Immersion or Japanese Immersion. The public library system consists of 25 branches throughout the city with free access to books, magazines, CDs, DVDs and e-books for registered borrowers who live within Mississauga boundaries or pay a small fee per item if they don’t live within those boundaries but are visiting on business purposes; there are also many art galleries that feature works from Canadian artists showing their work either locally or internationally; you’ll also find cinemas showing everything from indie films to blockbuster hits.

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